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FHD Holland Secret Micro, 20L

Units Per Case:

FHD Holland Secret Grow, Bloom and Micro render the days of using “Old School” nutrient systems obsolete. Modern growing systems need cutting edge, sediment free fertilizers to help them reach their maximum production. Today’s systems have aeroponic injection emitters, micro spinners and drip spears running top producing gardens. Growers need a cleaner, more “clog-free” liquid fertilizer that will not cause salt build-up. FHD Holland Secret Grow, Bloom and Micro are THE sediment free nutrient system.

FHD Holland Secret Grow, Bloom and Micro work together and are designed to allow growers to maximize and adjust their nutrient programs to obtain the results they deserve. FHD pays close attention to their formulas, using just the right blend of everything your plants need to grow better, bigger and more abundantly. FHD Holland Secret plant nutrients are all tested in real world applications, with proven results that keep growers coming back for more.