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EZ Clone Classic 128 Cloning System - Low Profile


EZ Clone Classic Cloning Systems have virtually eliminated the hassle and need for daily maintenance from the plant cloning process. EZ Clone Classic Cloning Systems set the standard for results, efficiency and ease of use. For most plants, roots develop in as little as 5-10 days with virtually a 100% rooting success rate.

Featuring a large reservoir and deep lid for easy access, the EZ Clone Classic 128 Cloning System can root up to 128 cuttings simultaneously. Each system comes with an extremely high flow-rate EZ Clone 1125 Mag Drive Pump with a manufacturers lifetime limited warranty. The custom designed aeroponic manifold features 360 degree misters assuring the proper levels of moisture to the entire root zone. An external air pump powers the External Forced Air Intake System which constantly supplies fresh oxygen to the root zone.  Also included are custom neoprene collars which allow for damage free insertion and extraction of cuttings. No humidity dome is required.