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Root Pouch 4-5YR Black 30 Gallon w/Handles


Root Pouch’s award-winning technology takes discarded plastic bottles that would otherwise clog our landfills and oceans, and turns them into soft sided plant pots. Resilient and lightweight, Root Pouch fabric will last through 4 or 5 years of continuous use, making them ideal for annual crops or crops that will be transplanted after several years of growing on. Root Pouch Black 4-5 is constructed with Root Pouch's thickest and heaviest fabric, making it the most durable long-lasting line. Completely washable and reusable. Available with or without handles in dozens of different sizes.

  • Size: 30 Gallon
  • Capacity: 113 Liter
  • Dimensions Inches: 24-inch diameter X 16.5-inch tall
  • Dimensions Centimeters: 61cm diameter X 42cm tall
  • Carry Handles