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Age Old Root Assist

by Age Old Nutrients

3250 - 1 quart
UPC: 632327101223
2.5 lbs. shipping

MSRP $15.95

3251 - 1 gallon
UPC: 323327101216
9.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $45.95

3252 - 2.5 gallon
UPC: 632327106520
23.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $91.95

Root Assist is a natural-based soil conditioner and fertilizer blend that can be used as part of an approach to plant growth and soil management. Root Assist is a complex blend of both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae and select species of beneficial bacteria. Root Assist can be used as both a foliar feed and soil drench, or as a root dip when transplanting.