Tropf Blumat Thru-Hull Tank Connector

#4354eachTropf Blumat Thru-Hull Tank Connector

To easily connect any water tank to your Tropf Blumat Kit, use the Tropf Blumat Tank Connector.

Simply drill an 11mm hole into the side or base of your tank from the inside of the tank.

Then put the 2-inch long screw fitting through the hole from the inside, leaving the screw fitting poking through to the outside.

This will then allow you to pop the rubber washer onto the outside of the tank over the screw fitting, and then attach the external screw fitting onto that.

You will now be ready to attach your ¼-inch diameter tubing to the barbed fitting at the end of the tank connector.

This connector is made from strong black plastic and provides a clean, secure fitting for your Tropf Blumat drip tubing.