Blumat Digital Moisture Meter

by Tropf-Blumat

#4374each Blumat Digital Moisture Meter MSRP $57.75

At the touch of a button the Blumat Digital Moisture Meter shows you how thirsty your plants are and gives you 100% certainty that you’re watering them properly. In the case of large pots, the soil’s moisture content cannot be always be accurately assessed visually. Blumat displays the suction power the roots need to absorb water.


  • In all soils, soilless mixes, and clay granulates.

For inside and outside use including:

  • Plant troughs
  • Perennials and shrubs
  • Bushes
  • Hedges, vegetable, and fruit culltivation in horticultural farms
  • Valuable plants - controlled hibernation in store granulate