Age Old Commercial Program:

Age Old Commercial products are designed for commercial use and are not for retail sale. All Age Old Commercial products are part of an integrated formula/system design and should not be purchased without consultation. If you are a licensed commercial grower, please contact the Tradewinds team here. We can help you solve your needs.

The Age Old Commercial products and program culminate and synthesize years of research on optimal nutrition for cannabis crops. The Age Old Commercial program provides high performance and simplicity with products and technologies based on optimal mineral nutrition and organic-based additives. With just four concentrate tanks (and their respective injectors), growers from 500 ft2 to 500,000 ft2 can experience the benefits of the Age Old Commercial program at a price that will almost certainly fit into most budgets.

Commercial Bio


Age Old Commercial Bio is the combination of distinct, targeted technologies. The foundation of the product is a proprietary negatively-charged polymerized amino acid that adsorbs cationic (positively-charged) minerals in the soil and the solution and prevents their interaction with anionic (negatively-charged) minerals—which prevents their precipitation. This increases the plant's overall nutrient availability, which increases the opportunity for yields. Commercial Bio also contains specific amino acids that improve soil conditions for root growth and increased yields.

Product Specifications:

NPK Nitrogen (N): …………1%
NPK Phosphorous (P):…....0%
NPK Potassium (K): ……....1%