TNB CO2 Monitor

by TNB Naturals

#8703 TNB CO2 Monitor MSRP $299.99

TNB Naturals CO2 Monitor and Thermo Hygrometer is a sleek portable unit developed to monitor and display CO2 concentration, ambient temperature, and relative humidity, along with the year, month, date, and time.

The monitor has a 3.5' LCD and is USB compatible with a logging memory of 12,700 units. It has an accuracy of + or - 50 PPM and can read CO2 levels as high as 9999 PPM. The unit features a built-in warning alarm for high levels of CO2 and the option to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It has a built-in backlight that illuminates the display so that monitoring levels in the dark or during the night cycle can be quickly done.

The monitor can operate from the included standard power adapter or 4 AA batteries.

The light weight of the unit (only 9.2 oz) makes it easy to transport or move around from one area to another if necessary. It also comes with a hard plastic carrying case for those on the move, making it extremely easy to use and very versatile. This unit is a must-have for any grower who does not know their environment's CO2 level or is looking for an efficient way to monitor temperature and humidity.