HCO Deep Fusion Grow

by Humboldt County's Own

#3494 1 gallon HCO Deep Fusion Grow MSRP $54.95

Deep Fusion Fertilizer Series combines the best of both worlds: high potency chemical fertilizers balanced with kelp, vitamin B1 and molasses - the key organic substrate which is the base nutrient of almost all commercial organic fertilizers. Molasses is a rich source of simple and complex sugars, polysaccharides, esters, vitamins, amino acids and a full spectrum of micronutrients.  It is also an effective chelating or complexing agent. Deep Fusion Fertilizer forms soluble bio-available complexes with many micronutrients under a wide range of pH conditions. This is especially important for growers who are working with less than ideal water sources.

Many growers desire and appreciate the improved flavor and fragrance of products grown with natural fertilizers but also want the high yields typically associated with potent chemical inputs. Humboldt County’s Own Deep Fusion simplifies the choices by putting more ingredients in fewer bottles.