Desect Diatomaceous Earth

#34002 lbs.Desect Diatomaceous Earth

Desect Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is formed from the fused skeletal remains of diatoms. These single celled algae surround themselves with a hard porous cell wall made of silica. When the diatoms expire, the silica skeletons sink and form a layer of diatomaceous earth which can be harvested. When the sharp-edged dry powder comes in contact with an insect, it scrapes off and absorbs some of the insect’s waxy protective coating causing death by dehydration. As with any powder; precautions should be taken not to inhale while applying.


Silicon Dioxide from
Diatomaceous Earth 85%
Other Elemental Oxides 10%
Moisture 5%


Ants, Aphids,Cockroaches, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Mites, Slugs, Snails, Ticks, Angoumois Grain Moths, Box Elder Bugs,Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Crickets,Earwigs, Granary Weevils, Indian Meal Moths, Japanese Beetles, Lice, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, Red Flour Beatles, Rice Weevils, Silverfish, Sow Bugs, Tribolium, and others.

Food Grade:

When used as directed: Safe for indoor or outdoor use. Safe around (and on) cats and dogs. Meets all USA requirements for use in organic farms and food processing.